Retrofit – plant modernization

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Benefit through modernization

Advantages of plant modernization

Schaubild Retrofit
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  • Needs

    Your machine or system no longer meets the latest state of the art and requirements to remain competitive.

  • Availability

    Downtimes are significantly reduced by integrated fault diagnostics and detailed fault indication. The spare parts supply is backed up, the machine cycle time is optimized.

  • Safety

    The safety of your machines is adapted to the latest technological standards. The optimal protection of your employees and production plant is guaranteed once again.

  • Energy

    The use of energy-efficient drives and components as well as the consumer´s intelligent control significantly saves more energy. The implementation of the requirements ensures your environmental management system.

  • Costs

    Significant cost savings are achieved by means of maintenance-free drive technology, as well as preventive maintenance through targeted recording of operating times and consumption parameters.

  • Productivity

    Through planned retrofit measures, we achieve a long-term efficiency and system availability of your production plant, which not only assures your competitiveness a future.

Increased productivity, efficiency and availability through retrofit or modernization

In order to remain competitive in the long term, machines and systems have to be adapted to current requirements (retrofit / retrofitting). We support you in modernizing your automation system and bringing it up to the state-of-the-art.

No matter what your starting point, whether a generation change in automation is pending, a partial modernization or the modernization of a complete plant is planned, KOCH automation offers you support to achieve your individual goals.

As your partner, we make it easy for you to benefit from technological advances, as well as through the optimization of your machines and production plants, to achieve a decisive performance leap forward.

Your benefits at a glance

Higher productivity, overall efficiency and usability

Latest manufacturing standards, machine safety requirements

Minimized downtime through integrated fault diagnostics and detailed fault indication

Increased competitiveness through increased plant availability and efficiency in production

Solutions for all press types and manufacturers

Press forming

Internal high pressure forming IHU

Conveyor systems


Stacking systems

Systems for metal packaging

We are partners of well-known press manufacturers for which we are working on the retrofit projects: Dieffenbacher, Heilbronn, Haulick & Roos, Hylatechnik

A small selection of our references

Step press 1500 tons with transfer


Manufacturer: AIDA
Type: TMX-L4-1500
Location: Benteler Mexico


  • Transfer Transfer (ASA)
  • New electrical control and control panel
  • Safety control PILZ PSS3000
  • Replace the electrical installation

Hydraulic press 2500 tons with 6 two-hand operating points


Manufacturer: ZDAS
Year of construction: 2003
Type: CTUA 2500
Reconstruction: 2007
Location: GEDIA Polen


  • ŸReplace hydraulic press upper part (HYLATECHNIK)
  • New electric control and control panel
  • Replace the electrical installation