Test stands for nuclear power plants

Durch moderne Automatisierungs- und Informationstechnik kann die Effizienz Ihrer Produktionsanlagen erhöht und eine hohe Produktqualität sichergestellt werden.

Safely into the future

The multifunctional test bench concept for low-voltage switchgear and circuit breakers – tailor-made for your plant and the operational data analysis.


Nuclear power plants – Essential for the recovery of energy, they cover around one fifth of the world’s electricity needs. The German nuclear reactors are one of the safest in the world thanks to state-of-the-art technology and close-knit controls.
With our test stands, we make an indispensable contribution to this decisive safety. Our test benches for low-voltage switchgear and circuit breakers ensure the long-term availability and the unrestricted safety level of important components of the switchgear.

Our test rigs for nuclear power plants are tested on the basis of KTA 1401 and KTA 3701 to 3705.

They comply with the nuclear regulations at the:

Input test

Recurrent examination (revision)

Maintenance test (Test after disturbances, conversion, etc.)